Thank you for your interest in my candidacy for Santa Barbara School Board.

As a recipient of the 2004 Santa Barbara Independent Local Hero Award, my priority has always been giving back to the community that educated and raised me by working in our local schools.  Over the past eight years, I have worked in our Santa Barbara community to improve the quality of education for all of our students.  As a former student of our Santa Barbara schools who made it from ESL to honors/GATE, I have focused on helping all students achieve success and have options after completing their K-12 education in our public schools.   

My experience in higher education together with my work in K-12 classrooms has given me a global understanding of the educational pipeline, and a firm belief that in order for our students to successfully compete for jobs, we must begin planning and preparation at an early age. Through my work with the California Student Opportunity and Access Program (Cal-SOAP), I have expanded student opportunities for college-readiness, promoted parent involvement, and taught and mentored students in our community.  At UCSB, I have managed grants from the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Education which have given me invaluable experience working with federal programs that support student achievement. I realize the critical demand for professionals in technical and scientific research and understand the role that public schools have in ensuring the success of all students. I have worked diligently to help students transition from secondary education to higher education and will continue to do so on the Santa Barbara School Board.  


As a Santa Barbara School Board Trustee, I will work to achieve the right balance between our state and local priorities and work toward sustaining successful schools, now and in the future.

I ask for your vote.



S. Monique Limón